Private Lesson

Whether you're a new comer to mountain biking, starting to catch the bug or more an experienced rider looking to develop their riding and sharpen their skills, you’ve come the right place. 

We share our tips and riding advice that we have accumulated over years of riding and racing bikes. We love taking people out and seeing them progress through. 

Ray Duffy: ‘The only place to go for a mountain bike lesson... the guys are friendly, professional and come highly recommended...’

What we do:

  • We build your foundation of mountain biking
  • Dial in the attack position
  • Gearing and climbing
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • The cone of movement
  • Track stand
  • Application of core skills on the trail
  • Introduction to carrying speed over more technical sections of trail
  • Slow speed control exercises, to build confidence slowing down to speed up, looking at a trail differently
  • Looking at fast, technical and steeper trails
  • Switchbacks, root sections, drops and line choice.


Ticknock Mountain Bike Trail. Meet at the hut and grab a coffee on us!


Each Lesson is 2 hours long. 


€90 per person


Pre booking essential, please select your date above. 

Our Instructors 

Max: Tuesday afternoon 

Tarja: Thursday morning 

Eoin: Thursday afternoon