All Activities operated by (“the Company” or "we") are sold to the "Clients” or “you” subject to the following conditions:

1. Booking
To book send in a completed form and the Company will invoice you for the total cost less deposit paid. The booking is not accepted until the date on this invoice. Final payment must be made no later than 2 weeks before departure. The Company reserves the right to cancel your booking should payment be received late.
2. Your contract with us
Details of exactly what is and is not included in your contract with the Company are shown on the respective information page for each activity type. You should be familiar with the details of this before booking.
3. Cancellation by you
On receiving notice of your cancellation, you will be charged the following part of your total tour cost as a cancellation fee:
<20 days notice, deposit lost
3 – 20 days notice, pay 50%
> 3 days notice, pay 100%
The Company reserves the right to refuse any request to transfer to another tour. The above mentioned policy applies for cancellation by the Client due to unpleasant, but not unsafe weather conditions.
4. Cancellation by the company
a. The Company will only cancel your tour if it is forced to do so by unusual or unforeseeable circumstances, such as war, unrest, injury to guide, extreme and hazardous weather conditions.
b. The company reserves the right to cancel the tour and/or make significant modifications to the tour and/or make an extra charge to each person booked on the tour.
c. If the Company cancels your tour you will be offered an alternative. If this is not acceptable the Company will refund monies received in respect of the cost of the tour. We will not be liable for any other expenses which you have incurred as a result of your booking.
5. Tour changes
This type of adventure holiday will always be subject to changes in itinerary and it is a fundamental condition of your booking that you accept this. You must accept that the web site dossiers are to give you a guide as to what to expect from your holiday but that there will still be considerable flexibility when on the tour. You will not be refunded for any services not utilised.
6. Tour leaders
You must abide by the authority of your tour leaders. If they believe that your behaviour presents any risk to the safety of the group you may be asked to leave the group. You will not be entitled to any refund.
7. Complaints
If you have a complaint about your tour you should communicate it to the leader so that remedial action can be taken if possible. In any event you must notify the Company of any complaint, in writing, within 14 days of the tour finish.
8. Insurance
Before coming on a tour you must have adequate insurance. If you have your own policy, full details of this should be supplied to the Company.
9. Company responsibilities
The Company accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss arising from a failure to carry out the contract, or in the process of carrying out the contract, as a result of a) actions by the Client or b) unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the Company or c) any event which the Company, even with all due care, could not foresee or forestall or d) the theft of or damage to bicycles or other equipment or injury to the Client which occur as result of cycling on or off a road, or while in transit in any vehicle, or at any other time during the holiday. Where the Company is found to be liable for any damages, howsoever arising, these damages shall be limited to the price paid for the tour.
10. Provision of Information
Any information provided by the Company or it’s representatives is done so in good faith but without any liability on the part of the Company or it’s representatives. The Client remains responsible for finding out any information necessary, such as vaccinations, visa requirements, baggage allowances, etc.
11. Bike Hire
a) All hired bikes remain the property of the Company and shall not be sold, hired or loaned out by the Client.
b) The Client acknowledges that the bike hired is in good condition and undertakes to return the bike and any accessories in that same condition, or to make a payment to the Company, immediately on demand, sufficient to return the bike to that condition.
c) The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss arising from the Clients use of the equipment. The Client shall indemnify the Company against any claim howsoever arising as a result of the Client’s use of the bike during the period of hire.
d) In the event that the bike and/or any accessories are lost or stolen the Client shall indemnify the Company for the costs of replacing those items. Should the equipment subsequently be returned in a satisfactory condition these moneys will be repaid.
e) The Client will ensure that the bike is adequately secured when not in use and will immediately notify the Company or one of it’s representatives in the event of any theft, loss, breakdown or other occurrence relating to the bike or associated accessories.
f) All moneys due in relation to the hire of bikes will be added to the tour cost.
12. Other Activities
The Company acts as agent only in respect of all activities, whether or not included in the tour price, which are organised and operated by any other company. Your contract will be directly with the activity provider and subject to their booking conditions.
13. Transportation
In the event of an accident, the Company is not responsible for any personal injury to the client. The loss, damage or delay of belongings are the responsibility of the client.
14. Marketing, Image and Video Consent
If the Client consents to The Company using their image for marketing purposes or sending promotional information via email, please inform us and we will add you to our list. If the Client no longer wishes to receive promotional information they can opt out at any time by unsubscribing, emailing or writing to 

Your Responsibilities 

  • Always carry a mobile phone with an ICE (in case of emergency) number installed and make sure it is fully charged before you leave the house. Call 999 in an emergency. 
  • Avoid riding alone, it’s safer and more fun to ride with your buddies.
  • Stay in control at all times. It is your responsibility to avoid crashing into other riders and objects around you.
  • Be respectful and aware of other riders varying skill levels, relax and have fun.
  • Do not stop on the trail. Pull off the trail in a safe place if you need to stop for any reason.
  • When entering a trail or starting downhill, you must look uphill and give way to other riders coming down the trail.
  • Respect the trail gradings, read the grading descriptions and the trail difficulty index. Begin on the easier trails and do not ride trails that are beyond your current level of ability.
  • Even if you have ridden a trail before, be careful. We make ongoing changes and improvements to the trails and features, so they may have changed since your last visit.
  • Be aware that the bike trails are set in a mountain and forestry environment which poses risks including:
  • Forestry environment risks: trees, stumps, branches, brash and vegetation.
  • Mountain Environment risks: exposure to fast changing weather conditions, steep slopes, rocky areas and outcrops and exposed trail edges.
  • Trail conditions change with the seasons and the weather; mountain biking is an all-weather sport but respect the added challenge and risk that rain, ice, mud, dust and wind can pose to you. If it is windy, do not attempt jumps; keep both wheels on the ground and stay on the easier trails.
  • Keep off closed trails and forest areas and obey all signs and warnings.
  • Stay on marked trails only. Do not cut switchbacks, or modify trails.
  • The trails are designed to be ridden in one direction. Do not push or ride up downhill trails.
  • Respect your environment; take your litter home with you.
  • Do not ride if your ability is impaired through the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Be friendly, courteous and respectful to your fellow riders, poor conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Please be aware of and courteous to walkers, horse riders and other user groups.
  • You must check your mountain bike and equipment as follows;
  • Helmets are mandatory, ensure that your helmet is in good condition and properly adjusted. Gloves, eye protection and body armour are also highly recommended.
  • Inspect bike frame for cracks, damaged or dented areas.
  • Ensure you have sufficient brake pads to stop your bike while descending; two working brakes are mandatory and we highly recommend disc brakes for improved control .
  • Front and rear axles (quick release or bolt through type) should be tight.
  • Headset and stem must be secure with no looseness or play.
  • Check that your tyres are in good condition, with plenty of tread and no cuts or abrasions in the sidewall and that rims show no cracks or signs of weakness and all spokes are tight and intact.
  • Handlebar and handlebar grips must be tight and unable to spin.
  • Seat and seatpost need to be fastened securely.
  • Suspension should be in good working order with no leaks or loose parts.

Youth Participants 

A youth is any individual of 17 years of age or under. Those participating must;

  • Follow the instructions of the leader at all times
  • Not stray from the group, or leave the trail for any reason
  • Not engage in behaviour that might endanger themselves or other members of the group or any member of the public
  • When in difficulty, let their leader know
  • Show courtesy and respect to other group members and users of the countryside
  • Show respect for the environment.
  • Violation of any of these rules will result in the termination of the session. Participants will be immediately escorted to the meeting point to await collection.

Liability Waiver

  • By signing this Liability Waiver I confirm that all the information I have provided is correct and up to date. 
  • I accept that that mountain biking is an adventure sport and as such it is possible to sustain injury while engaging in mountain biking activities. 
  • I understand that I must wear a helmet at all times and that a full-face helmet, eye protection, body armour and gloves are highly recommended.
  • I agree to check my bike and equipment as per the Mountain Bike Checklist at the start of the day, before each run and after any crash.
  • In the unlikely event of an accident, or loss or damage to my personal effects, I acknowledge that the company and any associated parties will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with the Activities.
  • I understand that Mountain Biking is dangerous and includes substantial obstacles, which can be physically testing. I accept that there is a risk of injury and death when undertaking such activities.
  • I certify that to the best of my knowledge I do not have a medical condition which could result in injury to myself or to others.
  • I give permission for to authorise emergency first aid or medical treatment as may be deemed necessary while participating in all forms of activity and I agree to be responsible for the cost of same.
  • Youth participants and their guardians are reminded that mountain biking is an adventure sport and as such it is possible to sustain injury while engaging in mountain biking activities.