There are two separate elements to the grading system, fitness and skill. As the grading system is a general guide, feel free to contact us if you are unsure of where you fit in.

Fitness Level

Level 1: Occasionally cycles at a leisurely pace for 1-2 hours and prefers flat trails with little climbing.

Level 2: Cycles twice per week for 2-3 hours and likes rolling trails with some climbs.

Level 3: Cycles up to three times per week at a reasonable pace for 4 hours plus with breaks and is capable of riding long climbs.

Level 4: Fitness fanatic or racer who loves climbing all day on any terrain.

Skill Level

Level A: Can cycle a bike but only on smooth paved ground and likes to remain seated at all times.

Level B: Can cycle on loose gravel off road trails typically at trail centres but strays away from any demanding terrain such as rocks and roots.

Level C: Can cycle on technical off road trails with rocks, roots, steep descents and small drops with control and consistency.

Level D: Comfortable on extremely technical trails.

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